What Makes a Great Investment Article?

Morgan Housel is one of my favorite writers in all of finance.  He had this to say on what makes an investment article great.


Morgan believes that the best posts are evergreen and I totally agree. One of my favorite pieces of all time comes from Jason Zweig, written in 2001. This post will be just as powerful fifty years from now as it is today.

Since turnover is negatively correlated to investment performance, no post that stands the test of time will include trade setups or forecasts. In my writing, nothing is particularly actionable, but hopefully it is thought provoking because for 99% of investors, more good comes from thinking then from acting.

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  1. ivanhoff commented on Aug 20

    A great investing article is one that you write for yourself; one that you personally find interesting and thought-provoking. There will always be some people that won’t like your work, but they are simply not your audience.

  2. alephblog commented on Aug 21

    That’s why I try to write longer form articles that teach principles… though I am not as clever as many who write…