Volatility Brings Out The Worst In Us

The following exchange is what often occurs on Twitter, especially when markets are volatile and account balances are going in the wrong direction.

“Why are you yelling at me?”

“Because we have different views on how to make money in the market!!”

Social media has changed the game for the better. Unfortunately there will always be those who take umbrage with what you say. I want to point out that there is no group that doesn’t have some bad seeds. There are obnoxious buy and holders, day traders, market timers, CTA’s, quants, fundamental stock pickers and on and on.

The best part about Twitter is the ability to self-curate. You can follow only those whose opinions and insights you value.

The worst part about Twitter is people who follow you precisely because they don’t value your insights. They’ll jump at the opportunity to attack you should your words even slightly disparage their market views or methodology.

If somebody gets under your skin, the unfollow or mute button is always a better option than lashing out. Life is way too short for this sort of nonsense.