It’s All Good

When the wackos come out in markets like this, spewing all sorts of ridiculous investment commentary, it makes you appreciate even more the people that are writing thoughtful pieces day in and day out. I wanted to acknowledge some of the best posts I’ve read lately.

Taxes are the silent killer. (Morgan Housel)

You already have plenty of commodity exposure. (Josh Brown)

The value premium is cyclical. (Euclidean Technologies)

Also, not all value measurements are created equal. (Patrick O’Shaughnessy)

Teachers could use a Teddy Roosevelt right now. (Anthony Isola)

Remain calm and step forward. (Larry Swedroe)

Even “smart” money chases performance. (Ben Carlson)

“Even the worst stock pickers in US markets outperformed the best stock pickers in international developed markets” (GestaltU)

Short term luck versus long-term skill. (Jim O’Shaughnessy)

CAPE and retirement expectations (Michael Kitces)

In a bad market, do this, not that. (Barry Ritholtz)