Reliable Indicators

Nothing works 100% of the time in investing, but the following phrases are pretty reliable indicators of who you can safely ignore:

“We’re in the _____ inning”

“We’re at a crossroads”

“Something has to give”


“Too far, too fast”

“Eventually, the chickens will come home to roost”

“The canary in the coal mine is ____”

“Never in my lifetime”

“It’s priced in”

“In a normalized environment”


“Sum of the parts”

“But what about Japan”


“The contrarian in me”

“Cross currents”

“Tangible book”

“If history is any guide”

“The real unemployment rate”

“The Fed is misunderstanding ___”

“Like I said last ___”

“Cash is king”


“If you see a train coming down the tracks”

“That’s what makes a market”

“What people fail to realize”


This is a very incomplete list, but it’ll get you 90% of the way there.