These Are the Goods


You should think of buying investments like you buy food–do it often. Make it a habit to invest your money like you make it a habit to pay your rent/mortgage.

By of Dollars and Data

A one percentage point increase in ETF ownership also experience a 14% reduction in the average magnitude of their future earnings response coefficients.

By Jack Vogel

A belief isn’t wrong merely because a lot of people share it.

By Jason Zweig

Most contrarianism is irrational cynicism.

By Morgan Housel

Passive investing may be eating the world, but for now at least, active bond funds are still enjoying their leftovers.

By Phil Huber

Silence in the face of an unanswered falsehood, from people who should know better, is just never going to be how I roll.

By Cliff Asness 

Rules-based strategies are not guaranteed to work any better than faith-based strategies, but when they don’t do well, there is, at least, a ready explanation for why.

By Josh Brown

Big trends are not that hard to spot, but they can be strangely hard for large organizations to embrace.

By Jeff Bezos

Uber more than doubled gross bookings in 2016 to $20 billion.

By Eric Newcomer

A credit card, mystifyingly, had suddenly become cool.

By Charles Duhigg


If there were a Nobel prize for podcasts, Patrick would receive it.

By Patrick O’Shaughnessy

This was a great conversation between Nir Kaissar and my colleague Ben Carlson

By Jeremy Schwartz

Veep nails the idiocy of the day-to-day decision making.

By Pod Save America


The wisdom of crowds depends on the errors of individual investors cancelling each other out. But if we all exhibit certain behavioral patterns that are consistently irrational in the same way, sometimes the errors don’t cancel out.

By Andrew Lo

The Economic Policy Institute, a progressive think tank, estimated that the hedge fund loophole cost $6 billion a year- the cost of providing health care to three million children.

By Jane Mayer

I’ll be in Chicago April 26-28 with Josh Brown, our CEO, and Kris Venne, our director of financial planning. We’ll be meeting with clients and potential clients as well as attending the Morningstar conference. It’ll be my first time visiting, so I’m looking forward it!


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