These Are the Goods


An anomaly is an excess return that cannot be explained by exposure to risk.

By Corey Hoffstein

The next time some slick salesperson points to the P/E ratio and tells you it’s a great time to buy stocks, ask to see their earnings.

By Nir Kaissar

Father Time is unforgiving to those who wait.

By of Dollars and Data

Demographics are the silent stalker on economies because they move so slowly that they’re easy to ignore.

By Morgan Housel

Two of the main reasons people sell stocks is because they go up and because they go down.

By Ben Carlson

You can’t tell whether your ideas are valid unless you let them be challenged.

By Jason Zweig

The capacity for smart beta funds is larger than previously thought

By Jack Vogel

Forward one-month returns of 5-star funds were 0.09% higher than those of 1-star funds, or 1.03% annualized.

By Jeffrey Ptak

Allow competing ideologies into your portfolio

By Ben Carlson

I met Warren through Charlie

By Andy Serwer


“You’re better off knowing what ETFs own your stock than what this company even does.”

By Patrick O’Shaughnessy

Josh Brown talks about the industry in the late 90s with George Pearkes and the industry today with Michael Kitces


In spite of the founder’s noble dream of an informed public, the American political landscape has never been able to sustain itself as a place for sound deliberation.

By Nancy Isenberg