These Are the Goods


Real financial planning is so much more than pontificating about the benefits of a low-cost, globally diversified portfolio.

By Tony Isola

Successful long-run investing is a mental game more than anything else.

By James Osborne

The assumption that you can keep the returns of owning stocks while getting rid of the downside has turned out to be almost exactly as wrong as it deserves to be

By Ben Inker

Too many active managers still harbor the fantasy that stock picking is a boundless pot of gold.

By Nir Kaissar

The new investor may pay in time, trading commissions, high expense ratios and of course mental effort. But the price must be paid.

By Dan Egan

Blaming a stock bubble on ETFs is like blaming MP3s for Nickelback or One Direction.

By Eric Balchunas

The cult of data often underestimates that stories are more powerful than statistics.

By Morgan Housel

Some are long-term. Some are short-term. Some are value. Some are growth. Some are activist. Some bet on change. Some bet on things that won’t change.

By Ian Cassell

The most unfortunate aspect of these funds was their failure to compensate investors for the higher levels of risk.

By Daniel Sotiroff

There is plenty of good news, but securities prices are currently reflecting a lot of it.

By Josh Brown


Some people live as if they are poor when they have a ton of money because they learned to save but they never learned to spend.

By Barry Ritholtz

The best way to hedge an investment is to not take the risk in the first place.

By Meb Faber

I thought Warren was the patsy at the poker table.

By Patrick O’Shaughnessy