These Are the Goods


The federal tax code now totals 74,608 pages. The Constitution fits on three pages.

By Henry Hebeler

Luck is so important that two investors holding the same assets over different time periods can have wildly different investment outcomes.

By of Dollars and Data

If a fund company isn’t disciplined enough to price its products for long-term success, what would give you confidence that it’s disciplined enough to run money in a patient, thoughtful way

By Jeffrey Ptak

Ordinary investors who have not learned from history will be listening to all the worst advice, and making temporary drawdowns into permanent losses.

By Josh Brown

The average investor has failed to capture the market’s return since 2008 but still managed to beat hedge funds

By Bir Kaissar

The best investment decisions you make are often the things you don’t invest in.

By Ben Carlson

It’s terribly simple, and it’s not that precise. But that’s how forecasting should be.

By Morgan Housel

Everybody and their mom sells drugs these days.

By Jeanna Smialek

We often discuss the influence of the gun and pharmaceutical lobbies, but the real estate lobby has spent much more than either group.

By Matthew Desmond


Everyone thinks of growth as a good thing, but it’s a nuanced thing.

By Patrick O’Shaughnessy

We would rather miss that opportunity than fuck it up.

By Ted Seides


Even in science, fact has little chance against entrenched belief.

By David Dreman