These Are the Goods


Investor ambivalence can be glimpsed from a few angles.

By Michael Santoli

Would you be willing to give up a few percentage points in expected return to have less risk through diversification?

By of Dollars and Data

Having a long-term mindset and being more patient than other investors is one of the last true edges remaining in the markets.

By Ben Carlson

Annuities often come with 500-page prospectuses written by lawyers who are paid to protect insurance companies, not investors.

By Tony Isola

Nearly 90% of equity shares are “managed” not “indexed.”

By Urban Carmel

This appears to be a common mistake and one that is likely flat out wrong

By Econompic

Markets don’t always have answers, though we try to find them anyway because it is in our nature to do so.

By Josh Brown

Our findings suggest that individual investors’ willingness to bear financial risk depends on personal history.

By Morgan Housel

Don’t compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to yourself two years ago.

By Ian Cassell

Presented with identical information under different circumstances, we come to different conclusions about it.

By Jason Zweig


It was not very skillful work that was being done, but compared to the competition it was fine.

By Ted Seides

Ego equals insecurity.

By Patrick O’Shaughnessy


Legislation often backfires because the majority of congressman are lawyers who try to fix most things through imposing procedures and regulations rather than altering incentives.

By Steven Clifford

The football field is usualyy a tightly strung ecosystem, an efficient economy: there is seldom a free lunch on it.

By Michel Lewis