These Are the Goods


This may be the first bull market in history that featured layoffs on Wall Street.

By Josh Brown

Once you have hit an all time high, the very next month you are likely to hit another all time high.

By of Dollars and Data

Why pessimism can be hard to distinguish from critical thinking

By Morgan Housel

Style shifts are common, but the magnitude of the change from late 2016 to early 2017 has been particularly dramatic.


The function of the Federal Reserve is to take away the punch bowl just as the party is getting good.

By Kevin Granville

The current S&P 500 structure is nothing remarkable.

By Lawrence Hamtil

What you leave out is more important than what you leave in.

By Tony Isola

Inflammatory click bait filled with extreme opinions has found its way into ordinary discourse

By Barry Ritholtz

We simply have not seen the extremes despite some reports that would make you think otherwise.

By Cliff Asness

Just because the skies are gray doesn’t mean it will actually rain.

By Charlie Bilello

Investing intelligently is hard. Speculating intelligently is way harder.

By Jason Zweig

Buying Puts – Is It Worth It?

By Meb Faber


It’s not about just pushing buttons, it’s knowing which buttons to push.

By Michael Kitces and Stephanie Bogan

They will tell you exactly how they are supposed to be making decisions and they simply won’t follow it.

By Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Leigh Drogen


There is in fact no clear distinction between professional institutional investors and individual investors since the professionals routinely give advice to the individual investors.

By Robert Shiller