These Are the Goods


What has momentum today might not have momentum tomorrow. What looks like quality today might look like crap tomorrow.

By Cullen Roche

Active investors hold far, far more sway than a handful of index fund managers, which is why the stock market continues to go up and down every day.

By Dave Nadig

The most valuable part of history is studying how people behaved when something unprecedented happened. It’s the most consistent thing over time.

By Morgan Housel

A good exit signal doesn’t just get you out when needed, a really good exit signal keeps you in.

By Jon Boorman

We’ll always be chasing someone, unless we learn to become happy with what we have.

By Justin Castelli

Abandon your investment identity.

By of Dollars and Data

Every time stocks fall it becomes easier to make short-term decisions with long-term capital.

By Ben Carlson

BofA clients have bought a net $160bn in ETFs and sold $200bn of individual stocks since 2009.

By Robin Wigglesworth

When the Nasdaq 100 lags, the S&P 500 tends to follow that weakness, particularly over the subsequent month.

By Charlie Bilello

The line between discipline and foolishness becomes increasingly blurry, even to elite investors.

By Nir Kaissar

Trying to gauge the emotions of the market is impossible.

By Tadas Viskanta

90% of life is about managing expectations.

By Toby Nangle

Bullish and wrong and clients are angry; bearish and wrong and they fire you.

By Barry Ritholtz


You don’t need your best team on July 4th, you need your best team on April 15th.

By Bill Simmons and Daryl Morey

Opportunity equals value minus perception.

By Ted Seides and Chris Douvos

More half dollars had been submitted from China in the last ten years tan have ever been manufactured by the mint.

By Planet Money

They all sent me away at first.

By How I Built This, with Sara Blakely

Ten times the idiot, one time the relative expert.

By Patrick O’Shaughnessy

We are programmed to remember the bad times a little bit better than the good times.

By 30 for 30

The people who tend to be the best at something tend to be consumed by self doubt.

By Meb Faber and William Bernstein

How could you tell a truly bad idea from a bad sounding idea? The best ideas make you want to say yes and no in the same breath…People systematically are very poor at predicting their own reactions to new things.

By Tim Ferriss and Reid Hoffman


Nothing but being shot at will ever teach men the art of using cover.

By Candice Millard