These Are the Goods


Image is worth nothing and people won’t pay for it forever.

By Josh Brown

Don’t blame the product for the product user’s mistakes.

By Cullen Roche

Investors weigh the importance of change and timelessness differently, but every great company has some element of both.

By Morgan Housel 

While portfolio management often brings investors into financial advisors’ offices, it won’t be the reason they stay.

By Justin Castelli

Past performance is tangible while the future is fraught with uncertainty.

By Ben Carlson

Passive does reflect a number of choices.

By Barry Ritholtz

Stock valuations are never absolute — it is always a question of the other assets you are measuring the stocks against.

By David Merkel

Expressing bullishness and acting on it can be very separate things.

By Mark Dow

The well agrees, but the new follower quickly unfollows.

By Noon Six Capital

This market is simple, and thus inexpensive to take part in.

By Brian Lund

When investors can’t find anything worth worrying about, they worry about why no one seems to be worrying enough.

By Jason Zweig


The biggest change this decade is how accessible the players are.

With Bill Simmons and Jimmy Butler

The network optimized the system.

With Sam Harris and Geoffrey West

Jack reveals that he invested in the Titanic.

With Meb Faber and Jack Vogel

Alpha is the difference between price and fair value.

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Rishi Ganti

He was a generalist who knew more than specialists.

By Malcolm Gladwell


“The attitude of the President of the United States is incomprehensible to his most intimate friends.”

By Charles Rappleye