These Are the Goods


Apple has become the greatest cash machine in history with what must have, at the time, been a ridiculously stupid idea: “let’s open stores.”

By Scott Galloway

How is it possible that everybody believes that they are honest yet has a difficult time identifying anyone else with the same characteristics?

By Ben Horowitz

The influx of capital has helped startups stay private longer with money that in past eras would have been raised on the public markets.

By Eliot Brown

Something new and powerful is happening in the investment world to divorce political risk and volatility from market risk and volatility.

By Ben Hunt

Thinking backwards can help illuminate long term goals that are across the gap.

By Adam Nash

Fail quickly. Also, never give up.

By Morgan Housel

I’ve always been attracted to this industry because I viewed it as a means to achieve “financial freedom,” whatever the fuck that means.

By Sean McLaughlin

In 2000, the average endowment portfolio was 23% in alternative assets; in 2014, the corresponding number was 51%.

By All About Alpha

As one adds complexity, one can add fragility.

By Ewan Kirk and Chris Longworth

The millennial cohort is joylessly investing in the missionary position while professionals are being downsized and dismissed.

By Josh Brown

I call it the foie-gras bubble, where you’re being force-fed risk assets.

Barron’s interviews with James Montier

A bet for commodities is a bet against technology and innovation.

By Ben Carlson


Benefit versus brain damage.

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Wes Gray

All of them leave feeling hollow, with truck loads of money.

With Ted Seides and Thomas DeLong

There’s too much B.S. on Wall Street.

With Freakonomics, Jack Bogle, Gene Fama, Ken French, and Barry Ritholtz


Our models are fine. We’ve been doing this for twenty years.

By Gregory Zuckerman