These Are the Goods


If there’s a golden rule for long-term investing, it’s that betting on disaster is always overpriced, and betting on “it’ll all work itself out” is always a bargain.

By Eddy Elfenbein

That is simply what we do. We panic.

By Tadas Viskanta

Investing is primarily a behavioral exercise, not an analytical one.

By Nick Maggiulli

The worst unfamiliar hard.

By James Osborne

The most expensive tuition you will ever pay.

By Anthony Isola

Lighten up because you think you might have too much exposure to stocks, not because you think you will be able to get back in at a better price later on.

By The Brooklyn Investor

The next time you hear a billionaire investor calling the next correction, remember that they most likely didn’t get rich by timing the market

By Nir Kaissar

You probably can’t get a Ferrari at the price of a Ford Fiesta, but some people can’t resist trying to find a bargain.

By Jason Zweig


I own Amazon at $3.21 a share and I still own it.

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and David Gardner

The wedge is a safer bet, but French onion has a higher upside.

With Bill Simmons and David Chang

Procrastination is part of the process.

With Tim Ferriss and Darren Aronofsky

It has to be timeless and universal.

With Tim Ferriss and Ray Dalio


The object of investing is to ensure prosperity, not become obsessed with making money. So put your investing on autopilot with a sound plan that meets your goals and monitor it once a year. Then go out and live.

By John Wasik