These Are the Goods


Bill Gates has sold $200 million or more worth of Microsoft shares almost every month for a decade.

By Morgan Housel

Nearly 30 percent of households headed by someone 55 or older have neither a pension nor any retirement savings.

By Mary Jordan and Kevin Sullivan

You need the bad days to remind you that there are going to be more good days

By Cullen Roche

Never buy a portfolio of expensive stocks, period, for a duration of 50 years!.

By Jack Vogel

When you look at something differently than the rest of the world, that is when you have found your purpose.

By Nick Maggiulli

Good advice is universal. Effective advice is personal.

By Ben Carlson

Everything we do is based on how we get rid of the human and how we program instead.

By Landon Thomas Jr. 


Inefficient is not the right word. Information is so fragmented.

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and some really smart nerds. 

I don’t like to overthink why I think

With Andy Greenwald and Jeff Garlin

Growth is not a strategy

With Guy Raz and Howard Schultz

A firm is a ship without lifeboats.

With Michael Kitces and Philip Palaveev

I started plugging this coffee company with “wow I just shit my pants”

With Bill Simmons and Marc Maron

The Jay Cutler bull market.

With Meb Faber and Jeff Sherman


By August 1923, a dollar was worth 620,000 marks and by early November 1923, 630 billion

By Liaquat Ahamed