These Are the Goods


I don’t know what kind of mood I’ll be in tonight, let alone 200 million strangers ten years from now.

By Morgan Housel

The human mind is famously inadequate at being able to see or predict parabolic value creation.

By Vinny Lingham

There is no firm behind Bitcoin; there’s simply code.

By Nick Tomaino

There’s panic in this chart.

By Josh Brown

An exchange designed to encourage long-term thinking.

By Alexander Osipovich

2017 has been a year of setting records.

By Andrew Thrasher

Alpha is not a financial goal. It’s just something we all want and don’t need.

By Cullen Roche

I just don’t believe in shorting in a bull market.

By Joe Fahmy

Reasonably skeptical and confused and bullish at the same time.

By Josh Brown


The world’s greatest super power would be not caring what anyone else thought.

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Tim Urban

The thing about all these things he tried to do is its impossible.

With Tim Ferris and Walter Isaacson

Where did the name Bumble come from?

With Guy Raz and Whitney Wolfe


Even if we keep doubling the power of our computers every couple of years, it will take over two centuries until we reach that final frontier.

By Max Tegmark