These Are the Goods


75% of households earning $112,000 per year or more have an Amazon Prime account.


Conflating prominent, but rare, events with high probability is an ongoing impediment to better investment returns.

By Urban Carmel

All exact science is dominated by the idea of approximation.

By Jason Zweig

This month is supposed to be the first one when nurses, social workers, soldiers and teachers like Mr. Shafer become eligible for loan forgiveness. But he will not be among them for reasons that are straight out of the theater of the absurd.

By Ron Lieber

Charts can help put things into context but they can also give investors a false sense of security.

By Ben Carlson

This chart, like the others before it, screams bubble.

By Charlie Bilello

Bitcoin has averaged a 25% monthly return since inception.

By Nick Maggiulli

U.S. stocks are either expensive or very expensive. But that doesn’t mean the market stops going higher.

By Barry Ritholtz

Morningstar didn’t make them uninformed, they already were.

By Josh Brown

How many of us, if given a blank slate, would create an identical portfolio to the one we have now?

By Morgan Housel


Popular, fast growth economies get bid up very high.

With Meb Faber and Tobias Carlisle

The correlation between the Russell 2000 and the Russell Micro Cap index is 0.96.

With Jim O’Shaughnessy and Ehren Stanhope


I never met Andy personally, but the first time I saw him perform was at the L.A. Improv. He did the most unusual thing I ever saw.

By Budd Friedman