Animal Spirits- Wave Pools and Market Inefficiencies

On today’s show, Ben and I speak about how career risk creates inefficiencies in the market, signs of froth, the Vanguard of alternatives, and ETF price wars. Links to articles discussed below.

AQR: The Vanguard of Alternative Investing

Asness Says Active Management, Not Passive, Is Too Big

Small IPOs are Dying

Why Vanguard Isn’t Freaking Out About Fewer Public Companies

Corey Hoffstein on overweighting international stocks

A Reality Check on Stock-Market Anomalies

WeWork’s $20 Billion Journey of Self-Discovery Takes a Detour Into Wave Pools

Meb Faber and Claude Erb

Trade like Mike Tyson

Grant, By Ron Chernow

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I said “more cheaper.” This is poor use of the English language.

Ben said AQR is based out of Chicago. They’re *actually* in Connecticut.