These Are the Goods


No invention has been more disruptive to the asset-management industry in the last quarter-century than the exchange-traded fund.

With Crystal Kim Dave Nadig, Barry Ritholtz, Corey Hoffstein, and Ben Fulton

Systematic, rather than faith-based.

By Phil Bak

So are all liquid alternative funds bad?

By Jeremy Schwartz

Staying cheap is not hard. Staying number 1 most certainly is.

By John Rekenthaler

Successful investing requires not only a smart plan but also a positive outlook.

By Portfolio Charts

They won’t be able to access their virtual cash the moment a catastrophe knocks out the power grid or the web, but that hasn’t dissuaded them.

By Eddie Van Der Walt

Barstool is their safe space.

By Jay Caspian Kang

Experience is important, not to the detriment of open-mindedness

By Josh Brown

Uncertainty is ever-present.

By Charlie Bilello


447 stock market anomalies.

With Michael and Ben

The reason you’re getting paid these excess returns is because you’re eating something that stinks, i.e. risk.

With Jeremy Schwartz, Wesley Gray, Andrew Weisman, and Rich Wiggins. 

Think about the guy who invented vanilla. He don’t get credit for shit.

With Guy Raz and Ben & Jerry

I study these companies not with an intent to invest in them, but to learn from them.

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Connor Leonard 

Sometimes shit just doesn’t work.

Pardon My Take with Lawrence Taylor

There’s no reason to be going all in or all out on any decision ever.

With Meb Faber and Jeff Remsburg

They were securitizing 12B-1 fees.

With George Pearkes and George Livadas


The chief business of the executive had become the distribution of patronage.

By Ron Chernow