These Are the Goods


Somebody is making very active decisions about which stocks will be in each index or ‘passive’ product.

By Tracy Alloway

Just like Friendster gave way to MySpace which gave way to Facebook we will likely see many iterations of these coins over time

By Cullen Roche

The way we measure inflation matters

By Barry Ritholtz

Making tons of money at an early age is probably a combination of the best and worst thing that can happen to you.

By Ben Carlson

Option traders leave a footprint, and we can measure that footprint using implied volatility.

By Steven Place

In many ways, Bitcoin represents the perfect mania

By Josh Brown

There are no loans for retirement.

By Dina Isola

Having confidence means staying with an idea when it’s not going well. Having humility means abandoning an idea when it’s been proven wrong.

By Morgan Housel

Pay yourself first.

By Bill Sweet

The it’s-just-where-we-are-in-the-cycle argument doesn’t hold up.

By Tom Brakke

My own behavior has been impacted by just how boring markets have been

By Econompic

The next time someone tells you that Buffett is bearish…

By Brooklyn Investor

Markets don’t operate in sealed jars.

Tony Isola


You have ex-CIA operatives listening to conference calls and opining on the voice stress of people talking.

With Ted Seides, Paul Johnson, and Paul Sonkin

Even if it crashed 85% from today’s value, it would still be up 50% for 2017.

With Michael and Ben

Am I gonna have a job when I get back?

With Barry Ritholtz and Jeremy Schwartz

The game is so fuck’n soft now it’s disgusting.

With Michael Rapaport and Matt Barnes

My favorite Michael triangle story.

With Bill Simmons and Steve Kerr

You’re intentionally trolling, would you admit that?

With J.J. Redick and Joel Embiid 


There are anxious times in every investor’s career when your expectations of what should be happening aren’t aligned with what is happening and you don’t know if you’re looking at great opportunities or catastrophic mistakes.

By Ray Dalio

My favorite books from 2017

By Mike Dariano


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