These Are the Goods


Sitting on the couch watching my stocks dive up and down on CNN all day, or going on a cruise or two before I die, isn’t for me

By Candice Reed

If you’d told yourself a story for 35 years and suddenly discovered it wasn’t true, how would you react?

By Ramit Sethi

Many colleges have become diploma mills. Students are majoring in grade inflation.

By Tony Isola

It is okay when everything you do is not a home run.

By Nick Maggiulli

We believe there is an opportunity here, but we’re probably wrong

By Corey Hoffstein

Relative underperformance of sizable length and high degree, is actually quite normal.

By Doug Grim

The single best day for the S&P 500 in 2017 was a rise of just 1.38 percent.

By Barry Ritholtz

From my experiences, the rosier the view, the closer we are to disaster.

By Dina Isola

Asset allocation explains 93.6% of variation in portfolio returns.

By Peter Lazaroff

Amazon made $2.4 billion in 2016 on unredeemed gift cards.

By Visual Capitalist

As my date on prom night once said, It is what it is.

By Josh Brown

It seems like the biggest use case for blockchain technology is adding it to your company’s name and seeing your stock skyrocket.

By Ben Carlson

Although the S&P SmallCap 600 took an extra decade’s worth of research into account in its construction as a benchmark, the Russell 2000 is far more widely used.

By Jodie Gunzberg

The early bird gets the wormbut the second mouse gets the cheese.

By Cullen Roche


Rising prices attracts buyers, falling prices attracts sellers.

With Michael and Ben

Talent is universal, opportunities are not

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Sheel Tyle

Don’t read the comments section.

With Barry Ritholtz and Anil Dash

Dracula’s running the blood bank.

With Bill Simmons and Chris Borland


Before mirrors came along, the average person went through life without ever seeing a truly accurate representation of his or her face

By Steven Johnson