Animal Spirits: The Meltdown

On today’s show we talk about:

  • Recent market volatility
  • What held up well (basically nothing)
  • Stories we tell
  • Who to blame
  • How noobwhale investors will react to a bear market
  • Non-correlated strategies
  • Where hedge fund fees go

Listen here:

A close look at where the money flows suggests a more complicated story

Barry with ex-CIA officer Jack Devine

Ted Seides with poker champion Annie Duke

And her book that Ben recommends

How to do Deep Work

I’m aware of the risks but I never expected this rapid and severe drop

Is Wall Street’s Untested Millennial Majority a Risk?

Record outflows

1987: Democratic leaders in Congress blamed the Administration’s policies and urged the President to accept a deficit-reduction package that would include tax increases.

How to calculate relative strength

What Big Hedge Fund Fees Pay For

Pre-order my book, immediately, in bulk. Thank you.

Great chart from Bespoke

Tops are usually a process

The worst momentum swing in history

Thanks for listening!

*Correction- I said managed futures and CMTs got their bell rungs. I meant CTAs, not CMTs. Sorry, technicians.


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