These Are the Goods


An investor without a faith is doomed.

By Dan Egan

The fully-invested bear

By James Montier

Humans are social animals. But the internet is a cesspool.

By Nicholas Thompson and Fred Vogelstein

If there were inter-market relationships we could set our watches by, everyone would always know what time it was.

By Josh Brown

Absolutes in a Relative World

By Nick Maggiulli

Most of the time the reason stocks fall is because they can’t simply rise forever

By Ben Carlson

There is an inverse correlation between the length of the question and the difficulty of answering it.

By Michael Lewis

Not on our watch.

By Tony Isola

Dollar-cost averaging verses lump sum investing is often a difficult decision fraught with emotion.

By Corey Hoffstein

A sell-side analyst with only “hold” recommendations is of little value to clients

By Todd Wenning


I built 5,127 prototypes before I got this right.

With Guy Raz and James Dyson

Funnel wide and filter high.

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Josh Wolfe

One way or another it’s the human element that makes these things happen.

With Michael and Ben

Anybody who’s successful and says they created their own luck is an asshole.

With Bill Simmons and Scooter Braun

Short term crisis affects are hard to capture.

With Jeremy Schwartz, Wes Gray and Kathryn Kaminsky


We don’t make lines to predict the outcome of a game. We make lines in anticipation of where the action will come.

By Adam Kucharski