These Are the Goods


Just like cars that spend 95% of their time parked, investors should spend most of their days doing nothing.

By Tony Isola

All the other aspects of an investment will fail you if you pay the wrong price

By Nick Maggiulli

The bots will never catch Buffett.

By Nir Kaissar

Volatility-dampeners in chief

By Sloane Ortel

Focusing solely on the liability side is an abuse of proper accounting

By Cullen Roche

Obvious things are viewed as too simple to make a difference.

By Morgan Housel

Optimal decision making in a broader strategic context

By Cliff Asness and Aaron Brown

Minimize the risk of regret.

By Chris Gannatti

when the going gets tough, actively managed equity funds get going.

By Jeffrey Ptak

Good news for investors around retirement

By Andrew Miller


Wait, I didn’t mean to buy Apple, that was a subtweet.

With Ben and I

The easiest way to help people not lose money in equity markets is to extend their time frame.

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Dan Rasmussen

I love stocks and this is the best way to love them.

With James Altucher and Jim Cramer


Money can’t make you happy, but it does allow you to be miserable in comfort.

By David Enrich