These Are the Goods



Coming up with explanations for past successes is easy but figuring out who the winners will be going forward never is.

By Ben Carlson

Sometimes not acting can be worse than taking a big risk

By Nick Maggiulli

Shifting the investment program from benchmark-based to goal-based allows every institution an opportunity to succeed

By Ted Seides

Fear and greed are undefeated

By Josh Brown

Most businesses are sold and bought by accident

By Brent Beshore

He’s made a $160 million fortune and can’t enjoy it. He’s earned his rest but can’t take it.

By Wright Thompson

All but the most incompetent executives who have served as CEOs since mid-2009 have seen their company share prices soar.

By Barry Ritholtz

The key to happiness is owning dogs

By Cullen Roche

Small pieces of cardboard were traded like stocks.

By Tadas Viskanta


Everyone has views persuaded by identity over pure analysis

By Morgan Housel

You gotta understand how complicated everything is when you’re growing up in poverty

By Steve Francis


Who’s Gene Hoffman?

With Michael and Ben

Every single deal we do, we’re the only party at the table.

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Savneet Singh

Consensus under performs over time.

With Ted Seides and Basil Qunibi

Unironic enthusiasm.

With Aaron Lammer, Max Linsky and Joe Weisenthal

Al Jefferson would annihilate me.

With Bill Simmons and Chris Bosh

Are you lying?

With Barry Ritholtz and Ryan Holiday


The ranks reflect the methods.

By Michael Mauboussin