These Are the Goods


Anecdotes are nice and interesting to examine, but what about the average firm?

By Jack Vogel

How is it possible that on average the strategy is a winner if each and every path is expected to decay over time?

By Corey Hoffstein

Selling is as unnatural to me as writing with my less dominant hand.

By Dina Isola

The quest for “slow and steady” is largely misguided

By Jeffrey Ptak

If you can tell a good enough story, you can raise someone’s expectations

By Nick Maggiulli

Consider your portfolio.  Do you have a Teddy Bridgewater, or a David Wright in there?

By Timothy Mullooly

When things are calm people believe what they tell themselves. When things are crazy they believe what other people tell them.

By Morgan Housel

Asset managers know you want to get rich.

By Cullen Roche


You don’t have to be dramatic in some of the bets you take to win.

With Ted Seides and Wayne Wicker

TV has replaced novels.

With Bill Simmons and Chuck Klosterman

You can trade Russian small caps at ten in the morning.

With Jeremy Schwartz, Wes Gray and Eric Balchunas

Only 2% of advisors are fee only

With Michael and Ben

Are investors confused? Well of course they are!

With Scott Dauenhauer, Tony Isola, Dina Isola, and Barbara Roper

After 300 likes you could be known by an outsider better than your own spouse.

With Michael Barbaro and Matthew Rosenberg


On Tuesday, November 19, 1963, Richard Helms carried a Belgian sub-machine gun concealed in an airline travel bag into the White House.

By Tim Weiner