These Are the Goods


Overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles are what defines us.

By Anthony Isola

Watching markets go up and down isn’t intellectually stimulating for most regular people. It’s a burden.

By Morgan Housel

Repetition is difficult in this business and the replication of past success stories is impossible.

By Josh Brown

Momentum is the premier market anomaly

By Corey Hoffstein

You could end up living your life based on someone else’s values

By Nick Maggiulli

Cost wasn’t a problem in the 1960s, when health care wasn’t as sophisticated. “People used to go to the hospital to die back then”

By Cezary Podkul and Heather Gillers

Irrationally passionate

By Scott Galloway

The S&P 500 would have to go nowhere for the next 5 years to bring the 2009 returns into alignment with the long-term averages

By Ben Carlson


The public perception of what my personal balance sheet might be like is not what it really is.

With Ted Seides and Khe Hy

Horizontal support.

With Michael and Ben

The distance between the player and the fan is now zero.

With Bill Simmons and Kevin Durant


The war in Vietnam began with political lies based on fake intelligence.

By Tim Weiner