These Are the Goods


Being smart or stupid didn’t necessarily determine the outcome. It’s just the way things worked out.

By Josh Brown

Bearing too little risk is precisely how investors end up failing slowly.

By Corey Hoffstein

Is the US stock market in another bubble? Yes.

By Rob Arnott, Shane Shepherd, and Bradford Cornell 

All it takes is one small choice to compound into a large problem

By Nick Maggiulli

There are always trade-offs. Risk never completely disappears.

By Ben Carlson

Investors would be aghast if they realized how easy it is to become a financial “professional.”

By Nir Kaissar

You can always tell a rookie investor from a pro investor based on how they treat hindsight

By Stefan Cheplick

Smart strategies that are worth promoting can work for many people and backfire on others

By Morgan Housel

Financial planning is a compass, not a map.

By Tony Isola


Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley each have more assets than Schwab Fidelity and TD Ameritrade have in all RIA assets combined

With Michael Kitces and Adam Birenbaum

Golf makes baseball look like WrestleMania.

With Bill Simmons, Desus, and Mero 

I’m gonna go long whichever Michael shorts

With Me, Ben, and Morgan

When you fall in love with a player, you end up taking him where he doesn’t belong.

With Michael Lombardi and Tate Frazier 

Great things happen when you give smart people focus and a due date

With Barry Ritholtz and Patty McCord

The NBA lottery has become NBA welfare

With Bill Simmons and Ryan Russillo


On Sunday September 8, the crew of Apollo 8 flew their T-38 jets from Houston to Cape Kennedy in Florida, checked in to the Holiday Inn at Cocoa Beach, and prepared to die.

By Robert Kurson

Fortunes were being made and lost daily.

By David Grann