These Are the Goods


I know that the old value adage is that if you buy quality companies and hold them forever, they will pay for themselves, but I don’t believe that!

By Aswath Damodaran

There’s a 0.26 correlation between the S&P 500’s total return and the change in real GDP.

By Charlie Bilello

The volatility may not show up on the statement but it’s there.

By Ben Carlson

Shares in Austria—which lost two wars and an empire—lost money after inflation over 97 years, even when counting dividends.

By James Mackintosh

Investors tend to exhibit an aversion to non-transparent strategies that have significant tracking error to their reference benchmarks.

By Corey Hoffstein

I try to avoid giving unsolicited advice to billionaires.

By Barry Ritholtz

Valuation metrics lead to different portfolios from a sector perspective

By Nicolas Rabener

When the Chinese sold steel into the US at prices below cost, we called it dumping and moved in on them. When Amazon dumps in retail, ravaging a sector that’s the third-largest employer in America, we call it innovation.

By Scott Galloway


You can’t micro manipulate.

With Michael and Ben

If you were to index venture you would have wasted your time.

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Chris Douvos

Bull market returns tend to be 2x the average.

With Meb Faber and Ken Fisher

Take the money like Carmelo did and then figure things out.

With Bill Simmons and Brian Windhorst


“It’s in the nature of progress that it erases its tracks, and its champions fixate on the remaining injustices and forget how far we have come.”

By Steven Pinker