These Are the Goods


The latest embarrassment for a former star who has not bested the stock market since 2009.

By Michelle Celarier

The passage of time has also dimmed the memories of the pain of the crisis, such that most investors seem to believe they would stay the course through another such crisis, whether or not they held their nerve last time.

By Ben Inker

Choice is great, within reason.

By Josh Brown

In some respects, it has never been more difficult to be an investor.

By Daniel Sotiroff

Bill’s approach is rational, but uninspiring; mine is utterly irrational but also more fun.

By Barry Ritholtz

Your life is not a retirement calculator.

By Ben Carlson

The time and place for assessing a portfolio’s alignment is not during a market downturn

By Brendan Mullooly

Say whatever you want about the charts above, at least all of them actually have a Y axis.

Build your fire
80 million Americans are in debt collection
The whole point of using an automated online firm is that you don’t intend to actively monitor and manage your investments.


I don’t see a bubble in ETFs, a I see a bubble bursting in closet index funds.

With Michael and Ben

The qualitative side of business is about creating the moat and the quantitative is measuring it.

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Tren Griffin

I’m 45 years old and I had gotten away with murder

With Marc Maron and Josh Brolin

The visiting players are always more forthcoming

With Bill Simmons and Lou Adler


What can be said in retrospective summary about Roosevelt’s tinkering with the dollar during his first year in office?

By John Brooks