The Geometry of Wealth

The Geometry of wealth by my friend Brian Portnoy is “A stoic playbook for navigating money life.” This is the type of book you give to someone you truly care about. Brian is a deep thinker and a beautiful writer. I wanted to share some of my favorite lines and passages in the hope that this inspires you to pick up a copy.

“We don’t like to harvest new information but then do nothing with it. It feels like wasted effort.”

“Richer humans become ensnared in a ‘luxury trap,’ in which formerly unimaginable inventions evolve from mind-blowing to luxuries to taken-for-granted to necessary. I can’t imagine living without a refrigerator, but my great-grandparents certainly could. Over time, the amazing becomes normal.”

“Most people view experiences a more self-defining. What we ‘do’ is more closely tied to who we are than the things we have.”

“If there were a reliable relationship between more risk and bigger rewards, then technically you wouldn’t be taking more risk. Everyone would bet long-shots all the time.”

“Finance is a lucrative industry in which complexity is an important and often unassailable competitive moat. Make things too easy and you potentially lose your customers.”

“The investment business is a linguistic minefield.”

“Beating the market. That’s a silly and fruitless game. It’s not tied to your real needs. It’s attached to your ego.”

“The long term is fuzzy at best. Practically speaking, it might not exist. All we have, really, is an infinite series of short terms stapled together by circumstance and choice.”

Pick up a copy today. You’ll thank me tomorrow.


The Geometry of Wealth: How to shape a life of money and meaning