These Are the Goods


What I thought was a major career failure turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to my career

By Blair duQuesnay

Learn to love the micro-stakes arena

By Tommy Tranfo

If things like research department headcount or manager tenure had any predictive value, then you could throw away your Bloomberg terminal and just use LinkedIn

By Josh Brown

Capital gains is a hell of a drug.

By Nick Maggiulli

Debt is a perennial worry

By Urban Carmel

We all begin as novice investors

By Barry Ritholtz

Social Security is the greatest source of income for the typical American household

By Tony Isola

He didn’t care who’s son I was and for that, I thank him

By Phil Huber

Needless to say, “staying away” from positive returns is not the best investment strategy

By Charlie Bilello

The only difference between the lucky and the rest is that the lucky just live a little farther inland

By Damon Young

Then in the summer of 1915, something unexpected happened — the economy took off like a rocket.

By Ben Carlson

Investment mythology is littered with Ragnarok-styled blow-ups

By Corey Hoffstein

The rhymes between today and the late-’90s are close enough that some veteran market participants are singing along

By Michael Santoli


There’s a lot of information in the world that’s not in the market

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Michael Reece

There is our memory and there is the truth, and the two are not the same

With Malcolm Gladwell

One dollar is the best price point god ever made

With Barry Ritholtz and Cal Turner Jr. 

It wasn’t just making money, you were backing a horse

With Ted Seides and Tom Lydon

People get mad at inevitability

With Bill Simmons and Bryan Curtis


The long term is fuzzy at best

By Brian Portnoy