These Are the Goods


The key to changing your worldview on time is knowing when to trade it for money.

By Nick Maggiulli

The inversion would likely be a premature “sell equities” signal

By Tim Duy

China uses control over electronic communication in vastly draconian cyber dystopia ways compared to the wide range of opinions that are allowed online in the rest of the world.

By Baldings World

We think about ourselves more than we think about others. This is the way of the world.

By Russ Roberts

Growth outperformed value in every single sector

By Patrick O’Shaughnessy

There are no sustainable informational edges in the market

By Drew Dickson

I have no problem with a flexible investing approach but Amazon is the definition of a growth stock.

By Ben Carlson

The outrage meter on SPX concentration can vary wildly.

By Phil Bak 

It’s not a smart idea to have all your flowers or investments shine at once.

By Tony Isola



The Japanese are so dominant they’re dishing out casualties at ten-to-one ratios.

With Dan Carlin

He was her original enabler

With Barry Ritholtz and John Carreyrou

You could have paid something like 1000 p/e for Walmart at the ipo and you still would have gotten market returns

With Corey Hoffstein and Tobias Carlisle

Not only did the career risk of owning value go away, but it was almost like value became lionized.

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Modest Proposal

Tracy McGrady was one of the kids they were thinking about

With Bill Simmons and Denzel Washington

There are 228 index funds tracking the S&P 500

With Michael and Ben

He smoked a lot but it didn’t matter he was so athletic

With Bill Simmons and Jay Williams


EarthViewer could almost replace the local news helicopter, which cost the average news station something like $2,500 each time it was deployed.

By Bill Kilday