These Are the Goods


You could own a hundred funds and be concentrated in one risk factor or you could own five funds and have a healthy balance of risks

By Phil Huber

Claiming that Apple’s iOS keeps Google honest is the same as if Toyota, after putting all car companies out of business, professed that Boeing keeps the market competitive.

By Scott Galloway

We reach the maximum possible conclusion based on the barest minimum of evidence

By Charles Chu

Excess return peaks at about 10 months

By Ehren Stanhope

If you had invested from 1960-1980 and beaten the market by 5% each year, you would have made less money than if you had invested from 1980-2000 and underperformed the market by 5% a year

By Nick Maggiulli

Inaction and inertia open the gates to the destructive forces of entropy.

By Tony Isola

People spend all their time worrying about the low probability risks

By Ben Carlson

It’s harder to do the things your parents once did

By Josh Brown

BlackRock’s 0.22% wasn’t particularly competitive.

By Elisabeth Kashner

Some people are Winnie the Pooh, some are Tigger, some are Eiore.

By Scott Bell

Future data can, and will, show other factors to be more powerful or explanatory.

By Tadas Viskanta


We’re doing some work on Enron. You tell me if you could figure out how it makes money.

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Bethany McLean

Protection of individual freedoms is an effective indicator of economic growth and stability.

With Justin Castelli and Perth Tolle

This is a non-linear world.

With Ted Seides and Manny Friedman

The perfect storm of perfect storms

With Me and Ben


Before there is a chicken or an egg, there is Tyson.

By Christopher Leonard