What Are Your Thoughts?

I think an NFL team can be turned around quicker than an NBA team.

There is more parity in the NFL than the NBA. There are 3 or 4 NBA teams that can win the championship next year, there are a dozen NFL teams that can conceivably win the Super Bowl. You tend to see the same teams in the playoffs in the NBA year after year, this is not the case with the NFL.

Yes a guy like LeBron can change an NBA team faster than any football player can change an NFL team, but the question was not which league is won or lost by a single player, it was what can be turned around quicker, an NFL team or an NBA team.

There are 7 rounds in the NFL draft, and because there is so much roster turnover, I believe that an football team can go from pretender to contender quicker than an NBA team. “But the Browns.” Yea, well, they  are a horribly run organization, squash that availability bias. “But the 76ers.” Yes, they did exceptionally well with Embiid and Simmons. But this was after wasting the second pick on Evan Turner in 2010, and the third pick on Jahlil Okafor in 2015, who was a huge bust. They also traded for #1 pick Nerlens Noel, also a bust. But there are also plenty of teams who have had forever to turn it around and couldn’t. My New York Knicks, for example. Or how about the Sacramento Kings, which have drafted in the top 10 for the last decade. Literally, a top ten pick every year. They haven’t made the playoffs since the 2005-2006 season.

Or how about the Brooklyn Nets who have been awful forever. They traded away all of their draft picks over the last few years. The last time they drafted in the top 10 was Derrick Favors (third overall) in 2010.

Anyway, I get where Josh is coming from, but he’s wrong. Check out our conversation below, where we tackle a bunch of different topics.