These Are the Goods


You can’t call your doctor or advisor everyday asking questions. You need to learn how to cope on your own.

By Tim Mullooly

Financial planning in the absence of an investment strategy designed to implement the plan is a f***ing fortune cookie.

By Josh Brown

You’re always trading one risk for another, not eliminating it.

By Ben Carlson

The conscious wrestles with questions. The subconscious is waiting with our best answers.

By Ryan Krueger

I suspect that naming his public company “Not a Public Company” won’t actually work to get around securities laws

By Matt Levine

A mindset that can dump a personal fortune into colonizing Mars is not the kind of mindset that worries about the downsides of hyperbole.

By Morgan Housel 

We want the great body, but without the reps.  We want the returns, but without the risks

By Nick Maggiulli 

Money is hard to talk about with family members.

By Blair duQuesnay

Emotional Set Point is when we reach our goals and are inexplicably miserable

By Tony Isola

Take your business elsewhere

By Dina Isola


We don’t pedal in career risk

With Meb Faber and Sarah Ketterer

I’m Richard Thaler from the University of Chicago and I study dumb stuff people do

With Dan Villalon and Gabe Feghali

It’s the only town that’s liberal and racist

With Marc Maron and Jay Leno

When you take over a young team you get a chance to establish the culture.

With Michael Lombardi and Tate Frazier

The biggest challenge we had was where to put all the money.

With Ted Seides and Roz Hewsenian

Portable alpha sounds ridiculous

With me and Ben

If you give us a long enough time frame we will call ourselves a deep value manager. That’s how inefficiently priced these long-term innovation platforms are

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Cathie Wood


Asking me what to do with extra cash is like asking a fraternity boy what to do with the beer.

By Bethany McLean