These Are the Goods


Our beliefs can calcify and harden in the presence of contradictory information

By Josh Brown

You are 2.0 software running in 200,000 year old hardware

By Scott Bell

He is trained to offer a rebuttal to every objection.

By Blair duQuesnay

No client received the returns

By Preston McSwain

I’m not going to leave it there

By Cliff Asness

Investors have an exceptionally poor track record realizing they have been swept up by the market

By Jamie Catherwood

Almost all financial regulation is a sort of balancing act between freedom and safety

By Nick Maggiulli

A true financial emergency will likely be something you don’t see coming

By Ben Carlson

Theory and contradictory evidence can co-exist and can still reveal truths

By Jon Seed

Deciding whether to do something isn’t just about whether or not it’ll work.

By Morgan Housel


Americans are spending $4.5 trillion a year.

With Derek Thompson

It contains all the patterns of the stock market but you have no idea what the data means.

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Richard Craib

Do we need a recession?

With Michael and Ben


An LBO, of course, wasn’t so much a solution to the problem as an end to it.

By Bryan Hurrough and John Helyar