These Are the Goods


You don’t have to agree with Barry’s opinions, but you cannot deny the authenticity with which he shares them.

By Josh Brown

Repeatedly, and assuredly, investors move from mania to mania, sacrificing long-term gains for short-term speculations

By Jamie Catherwood

Teaching others is the best way to learn

By Tony Isola

People are more like lawyers building a case for their gut feelings than judges reasoning toward truth

By Scott Galloway

There has always been a gap between theory and practice.

By Michael Mauboussin

One of the lessons of financial history is that risk-taking never disappears, it just changes shape, often to slip past the institutional and psychological defenses erected after the last crisis

By Greg Ip

The challenge for active managers is not from the outside. It comes from within.

By John Rekenthaler

U.S. real GDP has grown 2,200 fold since 1800, a time when total production was equivalent to the NFL’s revenue in 2017

By Nick Maggiulli

There are no rules that say you can’t have competing styles in your portfolio or your factor investing strategy

By Ben Carlson

How can one look at all of this evidence and conclude no crimes were committed?

By Barry Ritholtz

The enemy of learning

By Jack Forehand

There are only nine countries with larger market cap than Apple

By Dave Hamra

A 1.5% increase in productivity each year compounded over a generation is incredible

By Morgan Housel

We are paying more for less coverage

By Blair duQuesnay



There’s a sense of loneliness when you’re hurt

With Woj and Grant Hill

Space X is my walk in the park

With Joe Rogan and Elon Musk 

Extending the average age to 150 years

With Derek Thomspon

Factory worker to software engineer

With David Perell and Austen Allred


Don’t get all Warren Buffett on me

By Gary Shteyngart