These Are the Goods


There are many tooth fairies in the world, but, the question is, do you want to crack open your eyes to see them?

By Nick Maggiulli

Semantics play a huge role in investing

By Tadas Viskanta

You don’t have to speculate like to be caught short volatility at the wrong time

By NeckarValue

Everything is dead when compared to the S&P 500

By Wesley Gray

Passive language is insidious and relentless

By Jason Zweig

You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn by writing these things down, even if no one but you reads them.

By Morgan Housel

I don’t think people are stupid, but I think they think they are stupid enough to believe they will see a recession coming

By Fat Tailed and Happy

Just because the market hasn’t agreed with your positioning for the past 5 years doesn’t mean every other investor is crazy

By Ben Carlson

85% of owners have buyer’s remorse.

By Tony Isola


I like corporate governance. I’ve served on a bunch of boards and I like to remind you and everybody else of that because I’m deeply insecure.

With Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway

Gordon Gekko was Pat Riley

With Marc Maron and Michael Douglas


Such was the sudden and overwhelming craze for Eskimo Pie that in three months the price of cocoa beans on the New York market rose 50 per cent.

By Frederick Lewis Allen