These Are the Goods


Two to three times more would be perfect.

By Josh Brown

We will be less wrong

By Corey Hoffstein

People who are rich just can’t accept that fact. If you’re rich, you can buy a lot of things, but on average you can’t buy above-average performance.

By Jason Zweig

The most successful active funds over the long term weren’t persistent

By Jeffrey Ptak

Expectation and reality diverge quite often

By Nick Maggiulli

Investors tend to believe that not only is their home country a safer place to invest, but it will produce higher returns

By Larry Swedroe

Through the end of 2017, Kynikos has a net annualized gain of 28.6 percent since launch in October 1985, more than double the S&P 500

By Bob Seawright

If the one constant in the stock market over the years has been losses, the one constant in the high-quality bond market has been slow and steady gains

By Ben Carlson

Are investors being fairly compensated for the increased volatility to own bonds vs cash

By Econompic

Personal data is the oil of the 21st century

By The New York Times


We can’t sing

With Marc Maron and The Beastie Boys

Warren Buffett is the greatest short vol trader ever

With Meb Faber and Chris Cole


No one can examine the panorama of business and finance in America during the past half-dozen years without realizing that we are living in a new era.

By Martin S. Fridson