These Are the Goods


It’s easy to underestimate our ability to change in the future

By Morgan Housel

You don’t live longer than any human in history without getting a few things right

By Derek Thompson

US stocks, bonds and real estate are the most trusted and relied upon financial “risk assets” on planet earth

By Josh Brown

Greed is about status

By Nick Maggiulli

Weird stuff happens all the time

By Tadas Viskanta

The longer the investor intends to hold the asset, the more attractive the risky asset will appear, as long as the investment is not evaluated frequently

By Ben Johnson

Making decisions based on past risks could work but it could also blow up in your face.

By Ben Carlson

One of the prime directives for parents is to leave their children with as little burden as possible.

By Brian Lund

Historical hogwash

By Jason Zweig


Less than twenty percent of advisors are female.

With Dina Isola and Blair duQuesnay

Comedy is cyclical

With Bill Simmons and Adam McKay


Keep the money in your hand, never in your heart.

By Dave Eggers