These Are the Goods


People think they want expert advice, but what they really want is advice that sounds like something an expert would say

By Morgan Housel

On the timeline we live, the situation is binary.

By Corey Hoffstein

Life isn’t about the hand we are dealt, it’s about how we play it

By Nick Maggiulli

The mere presence of a potential risk is not a reason to not invest. Risk is why investing pays off in the first place.

By Josh Brown

They don’t catch a lot of cod, but they keep on fishing in the same waters.

By Jason Zweig

Are you really just licking the glass

By Meb Faber

In finance textbooks, interest rate moves all occur in the same magnitude at the same time.

By Ben Carlson


Draymond Green’s mother is one of my favorites

With Bill Simmons and Jack Dorsey

Why does growth slow?

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Eugene Wei

An exercise in rejection

With Jeremy Schwartz and Phil Huber



Index funds don’t provide average performance: they give the investor top decile returns

By Jack Bogle