These Are the Goods


The imitators then ruin the endeavor for everyone

By Josh Brown

The more specific a lesson of history is, the less relevant it becomes

By Morgan Housel

Some relationships in your life will be just for fun. And some will be deeper than that. Knowing what to expect from whom is what it’s all about.

By Casey Mullooly

People are putting less money down than they did in the past, effectively increasing the leverage on the roof over their head

By Ben Carlson

The more you look, the more you will find examples where efficiency does not equate with effectiveness

By Nick Maggiulli

While weeks and months are human constructions, a day is a real thing

By Blair duQuesnay

Gaining control remains the hardest part of personal finance, because much of it comes within

By Douglas Boneparth

Financial literacy is elusive

By Tadas Viskanta


The mother of all welfare queens is Jeff Bezos

With Barry Ritholtz and Scott Galloway

The unholy trinity of behavioral biases

With Christine Benz, Jeffrey Ptak, and Morgan Housel

If you learned anything from my comedy then I failed you.

With Conan O’Brien and Bob Newhart

Buy and fold

With Meb Faber and Randy Swan

All our skin’s in the game

With Joe Rogan and Neal Brennan

What if prices influence fundamentals?

With AQR and Wes Gray


The breakthroughs that change our world are born from the marriage of genius and serendipity

By Safi Bachall