A Few Things


I left my sunglasses in the hotel so I bought a pair on the boardwalk at Venice Beach.

They were $12. They’re comfortable. They look okay. And they do the job.

This got me thinking- is there a bigger racket than $200 sun glasses? How many products have a higher brand name mark up? I have a pair of Maui-Jims and a pair of Ray-Bans, and once I lose them, which will probably be sometime over the summer, I’m done with spending money on sunglasses. Also, “pair of” sounds weird, not sure what else to call them though.


While I was in Los Angeles I felt obligated to go to In-N-Out. I wasn’t expecting much, so I guess I shouldn’t have been  surprised that it was an upside surprise. The crunch of the toasted bun was killer.

Where does this rank for me? I’m actually an anti-ranker because unless you’re trying them all in one sitting, which I’ve never done, it’s really hard to say one is better than the next.

I like Big Macs. I like Whoppers. I like Five Guys. And now I like In-N-Out.


I love electronic scooters. They’re a great way to see and travel around a city. For $17, I was able to tour Sunset Strip and Hollywood for 50 minutes.

However, these things are absurdly dangerous and I think there’s a decent chance they’re are off the streets within a few years.


The mobile app has been a complete game changer for me and millions of other customers. Walk in, grab your coffee, and go.

But it’s gotten to the point where unless you order ten minutes in advance, which is what I do now, it’s quicker to stand in line. Today there were 15-20 people waiting by the counter and there was literally, like actually literally, not a single person waiting to order from a barista. Mobile was contrarian for a minute. It’s now consensus.


I hope this is the future of television. Five episodes, maybe six hours. You’re in and you’re out. I understand it’s tough for studios to do this effectively and turn a profit, but it’s great for the consumer.  Who wants to spend thirteen hours anymore on one season? Bodyguard (Netflix, BBC) was six episodes. Catastrophe (Amazon) was six episodes and they’re less than thirty minutes each. The entire season was like 2.5 hours.

K. Bye.