These Are the Goods


The overstated earnings hypothesis carries significant implications for individual stock selection and overall stock market valuation

By Jesse Livermore

These things are harder to stick with than they look like in presentations

By Cliff Asness

He built six hundred and twenty-seven miles of parkways and expressways, every modern bridge in New York, reshaped the whole park system, et cetera. And I didn’t have any idea where he got the power to do this.

By David Remnick

The sad fact of life for active managers is that they devote their careers to making markets more efficient, but if they succeed too well then they put themselves out of work

By Matt Levine

Somewhere along the way, the “lost decade” got lost and the last decade became all that mattered.

By Phil Huber

Construction requires engineers; demolition only requires a sledgehammer.

By Morgan Housel

If a tweet doesn’t come to me within 5-15 seconds, there isn’t anything there.

By Ramp Capital

Our final memories of an event– whether it’s a concert, a vacation or even an examination – is disproportionately impacted by how we recall the end of the experience

By Barry Ritholtz

All of these questions come down to making tradeoffs

By Nick Maggiulli

How does an online community of your own colleagues help you grow your own business?

By Douglas Boneparth



People work three times as hard on their own ideas versus ideas that are put on them

With Corey Hoffstein and Chris Meredith

Instead of a shared culture, it’s a million little cults

With Derek Thompson and Matt Zoller Seitz 

The single most challenging and difficult business strategy question

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Bill Gurley

The absurdity of American meritocracy

With Malcolm Gladwell

It’s hard to think objectively about one’s own personal experiences

With Russ Roberts and Adam Cifu

Monster tail risk selling with a huge amount of leverage

With Corey Hoffstein and Benn Eifert


It’s a gold mine. Cash just comes in every day.

By Anita Elberse