Never Argue With People Who Say

Disagreements are healthy. Arguments are not.

Compromises start out as disagreements. Broken relationships start out as arguments.

Arguments are dead ends because people don’t change their minds when they’re using emotions instead of data.  Thankfully, would-be arguers often tip their hand.

Here are a few red flags to look out for:

In Life

“I’ve been saying this and nobody would listen”

You’ve said a lot of things that weren’t worth listening to

“I told you so”

What are you seven years old?

“Last time”

That has literally nothing to do with this time

“Nobody can convince me otherwise”

Sooo, I guess we’re done here?

“Trust me”

I don’t

In Markets

“Markets are manipulated”

No they’re not. Investing is hard.

“Asset price inflation”

Please, tell me all your anecdotes

“I’m waiting for a pullback ”

You’ve been saying that for three years

“We’re in an everything bubble”

Whatever dude

“Just wait”

Is there an expiration date on this?

“Social Security is a Ponzi scheme”

Okay, this one is legit.

In Pop Culture

“Hitchiker’s Guide is amazing”

Only busting chops. It wasn’t for me, but I’ve seen Aliens Versus Predator half a dozen times, so I might not have a leg to stand on here.