These Are the Goods


Index funds never lever up your holdings. They never receive a margin call.

By Ben Carlson

If you divide the time Lewis took to write Liar’s Poker by the price you paid for it, you are paying Lewis less than $0.004 per hour to write Liar’s Poker. 

By Nick Maggiulli

There has been no greater impact on investor outcomes than the rise of Financial Twitter

By Dave Nadig

Cash flow > reported earnings, because accountants can be science fiction writers masquerading as statisticians.

By Morgan Housel

There is a thin line between vision, bullshit, and fraud.

By Scott Galloway

The highly misleading saying that “the stock market is not the economy” is true on a day to day or even month to month basis, but over time these two move together.

By Urban Carmel


Okay I wanna buy the team. How much do you want?

With Ramona Shelburne and others

I don’t think it was a great fit, it was a great idea. 

With Bill Simmons and Steve Nash


When we returned from Munich twenty-four hours later, Hitler and I could scarcely believe our eyes.

By Erich Kempka