October 2019

Animal Spirits: CEO Departures

On this week’s show we discuss company performance after a CEO leaves, never-ending finance arguments, what would happen if we banned buybacks, Elizabeth Warren’s plans to break-up big corporations, Tesla as a sentiment barometer, why China matters more to Hollywood than the US, the glut of realtors and much more.

These Are the Goods

Articles A lot of things do not revert to the mean. By Morgan Housel  How can more money cause problems By Blair duQuesnay If you are an aspiring influencer your number one goal should be to look for a different career. By Ramp Capital The hardest part about owning a concentrated portfolio isn’t financial risk…

Animal Spirits: The Least Happy Age

On this week’s show we discuss the never-ending death of the 60/40 portfolio, why it feels logical and irrational to invest overseas right now, why rich people continue to work, how Blockbuster blew it with Netflix, the Influencer bubble may be popping, a recession may not be on the horizon, the age people are the most unhappy, Paul Rudd and much more.