These Are the Goods


The disposable income for all Americans rose nearly 75% between 1929 and 1950.

By Ben Carlson

July 4, 1933, is arguably the day that data visualization became a permanent part of mainstream media.

By Priceonomics

Active managers are still the ones who set market prices

By Klement On Investing

While I would place John in the top 5% of all people I have ever worked with, I would place Steve in the bottom third.  Yet, one of them is a millionaire and the other isn’t.

By Nick Maggiulli

The Fed is about to start buying $60 billion of Treasurys a month

By James Mackintosh

Just under 1,200 active advisers have been designated Certified Kingdom Advisors 

By Jason Zweig

The world is not as impressed with Silicon Valley as Silicon Valley is with itself.

By Scott Galloway



I did not have Daryl Morey accidentally stumbling into a massive geopolitical crisis in my NBA preseason predictions. 

With Bill Simmons and Jason Gay

We give people a chance to be scared. 

With Michael Kitces and Carl Richards


Whatever in creation exists without my knowledge exists without my consent.

By Cormac McCarthy