These Are the Goods


This first dividend was paid in spices

By Jamie Catherwood

Holding so many low return assets is no longer realistic if workers hope to retire one day. 

By Allison Schrager

Being long a put option offers limited downside and unlimited upside, but this attractive payoff profile comes at a cost since traders are (mostly) smart and price options accordingly

By Adam Collins

Over the past few years, all percentages have suggested exiting the stock market.

By John Rekenthaler

You cannot structure away principal-agent problems

By Rusty Guinn

More is never enough

By Ramp Capital 

Rush Hour Traffic is the undisputed champion

By Brendan Mullooly

One of the best ways to predict future behavior of investors is to track their past behavior

By Ben Carlson

The Medallion Fund could have charged a maximum annual management fee of 51% and still beaten the S&P 500

By Nick Maggiulli


There’s someone out there who really really wants your spot in line

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger 

Alpha’s always gonna be a much smaller number than beta

With Ted Seides and Steve Rattner


“I took Reed to see Iron Man 2 last night,” he said. “It sucked.”

By Bob Iger